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Icy Dock 3.5" SATA Enclosure Zwart

Icy Dock 3.5" SATA Enclosure Zwart
Icy Dock 3.5" SATA Enclosure, Zwart, Aluminium & Plastic, 517 g
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Once again, ICY DOCK has set the standard for hard drive enclosures. Introducing the MB876SK, an internal enclosure, and the first single drive bay mobile rack to feature our successful slim removable tray system. This drive sports an aluminum body for optimal cooling and maximum durability, fits all standard 5.25” desktop bays, and features a lock to keep your precious data safe and secure. To enhance its cooling efficiency, a 40mm warm air outtake fan is built into the rear of the unit to ensure that your drive will maintain an optimal temperature, thus increasing the life and dependability of the drive. The tray of MB876SK could be interchangeable with any of our compatible systems, including the entire MB559 Series, the MB561 external multi-Bay, and our MB453/454/455 Series of internal multi-bay enclosures. The handle & rail of the tray is constructed of aluminum, providing a strong, durable, and lightweight interface, given that the dependability and versatility that you demand in your computer hardware. Small business owners, photographers, video editors, these are just a few examples of people who would most benefit from the MB876SK. Using this alongside our MB559 external enclosure, a simple press of a button will mobilize your data, and allow you to move from the office computer to your home or laptop, or drop it off at a colleague’s studio to put the finishing touches on your newest film. But it is not just for professionals in the work place. A student off at college who cannot bring his desktop home over a holiday break will have the ability to slide the drive out of his desktop and plug it when he safely arrives at his home. The enclosure is compatible with most standard 3.5’’ SATA I & II drives, as well as all 2.5’’ SSD and SATA drives with MB882 2.5’’ to 3.5’’ HDD Converter (optional). This allows for convenience and versatility and will save you time and money from having to buy a separate 2.5’’ hard drive enclosure. Suggested Applications Storage drives expansion and enabling drive maintenance to industrial PC, server, and various storage system applications. Product Features: - Device holds single 3.5" SATA I or II drive and fits any standard 5.25" device bay; - Removable tray system and hot swap capability offers convenient solution for multi-drive exchangeability & maintenance; - Drive trays are interchangeable with ICY DOCK MB559, MB561, MB453, MB454, MB455 Series; - Safeguard key lock function keeps data secure within the enclosure; - Aluminum body construction provides superior heat dissipation; - 40mm rear warm air outtake fan ensures an optimal cooling environment; - Vented front panel allows for maximum air circulation.


Icy Dock
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